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Working On A Farm

Farm Work Abroad & What To Expect

The types of jobs on a farm can vary hugely depending on what type of farm you are on and the time of year. Farm placements can range from experienced professionals to non-skilled general labour, so don’t worry if you have never done farm work before as full training will be provided upon arrival.

There are jobs for everyone on a farm, whether you are male or female, experienced or new to it. Some jobs will require you to work in a team, whilst other times it may require you to work independently.

Previous experience operating machinery would almost certainly be useful, but not essential. Farm work is generally made-up of early mornings and long days but can be hugely rewarding all the same.

For skilled positions, it would help if you had experience in the following areas:

• Extensive experience operating various types of modern machinery
• Mechanical ability and knowledge
• Willing to work long hours and do what it takes to get the job done
• Full valid drivers licence (HGV / CLASS 1A license is an asset)
• Most nationalities are welcome to apply to FarmWork UK as long as you are eligible for a visa.

Farm Work Abroad & What To Expect

Below is a list of some of the most common UK farm job types you can expect to find yourself working in. Generally you can expect to be outside for most of the working day, with some jobs being physically demanding. However, you will gain some valuable new international work experience that will help with future job applications wherever you may be.

» Milker
» Farm Manager
» Fencer/Maintanace
» General Manager
» Livestock Manager/Overseer
» Shepherd/Herdsman
» General Labourer/Cleaner
» Stockperson
» Harvest Workers (Fruit Picking)
» Machine Operator
» Enjoy Working With Livestock

Working on a farm is also a great way to see the country you are visiting whilst meeting new people and making some great new friends. Working on a farm will not only give you huge satisfaction, it will also earn you some good money to help fund the rest of your traveling.

It’s important to remember you are on a working holiday, so stay positive and be happy. Some days will be hard work, but it will feel like a real achievement when you complete your work contract and then set off on a new adventure with a glowing work reference in your bag!

Working Holidays & Overseas Experiences In The UK For New Zealand Farm Workers

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