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Traveling To The UK

If you are looking to travel to the UK for your Overseas Experience then its likely you will require a work visa. Before you start looking into your travel arrangements and booking your flights, start at the beginning and check out your visa requirements first.

Visit our UK Visa page for more information about applications and eligibility requirements.

What information can you expect to find on this page?

Exploring The UK – Top Sight Seeing Locations & Ways To get Around
Sporting Events – Fantastic Sporting Events & Fixtures
• Traveling to Europe – Cheap & Easy Travel Options To Europe

What Do You Want To Achieve From Working Abroad?

Knowing where you stand and being able to answer the following questions will help you plan your time abroad and make the most of it.

Why do you want to work abroad?
How will you benefit personally? And in terms of your career?
What do you hope to achieve from the experience?
Where do you want to go?
What do you want to do?
How long would you like to spend abroad?

We have put together some useful information that will hopefully help in answering some of the questions above, as well as giving you some useful links if you decide to come to the UK for your Overseas Experience.

Why Do A Work Placement Abroad?

Working abroad is a fantastic way to increase your level of work experience and education, improving your overall employability. Placements internationally are also a fantastic way to see new parts of the world.

Working in another country can also introduce you to new skills, that in turn can benefit you when returning back home. Business are becoming increasingly globalised, so international experience on your CV is likely to become more and more important. This experience is also likely to give you an edge over others applying for the same job.

Working abroad is not just about doing a job, it’s about living and becomes a real test of your independence and confidence. Being able to look after yourself and have confidence in the decisions you make is not taught in a classroom, however it’s hugely important in business.

Finding work overseas is not always easy and brings with it a couple of challenges, such as visa requirements and adjusting to local customs and way of life. FarmWork UK can help ensure your entry and arrival into the UK is as smooth and stress free as possible.

Top Reasons To Visit The UK?

The UK is a very similar size to New Zealand and has some of the worlds most beautiful and historic land marks. United Kingdom is approximately 243,610 sq. km, while New Zealand is approximately 268,838 sq. km, however there are roughly 65 million more people living in the UK.

History is everywhere in the UK, from old castle ruins dating back hundreds of years to some of the oldest sporting events in the world. In fact several popular sports in New Zealand find their origins in English sporting history, such as Rugby & Cricket. Let’s also not forget Silverstone which first hosted the Formula 1 in 1948.

With so many landmarks and sporting events to see throughout the UK, its hard to list them all here, but you can certainly travel to many of them quite easily. Driving from one end of the country to the other (Northern tip to Southern tip) will take you about 15 hours non stop.

So its fair to say that the UK has:
Spectacular countryside.
Many historic castles and landmarks.
Amazing sporting events and fixtures
Fantastic transport links and proximity to the rest of Europe.
And of course, London, one of the greatest cities in the world.

Traveling To The UK

If you are traveling from some distance away such as New Zealand, it's likely you will be stepping onto a plane to make the journey. There are a number of major airports located across the UK such as Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead, Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle, Birmingham and Edinburgh.

Heathrow is the largest airport in Europe with over 80 international airlines serving 185 destinations across five continents. Heathrow is also just 20 minutes from central London and is the most likely airport you will fly into if come from outside the EU. However, depending on where you find work, there are possibly airports that are closer to your final destination.

Our team are available to meet candidates at most UK Airports and can initially recommend either Heathrow or Gatwick due to their convenience and size.

Explore UK - Top Site Seeing Destinations

If you are looking for some culture and education and love beautiful historic buildings and places then the National Trust website is definitely for you. Here you can find hundreds of old manor houses, gardens and parks, wild walks, costal beaches and activities across the whole country.

• National Trustwww.nationaltrust.org.uk

Traveling Around the UK

Traveling around the UK without a car is very possible, however in more remote country locations you could find that a local bus service or local taxi company is the only option available.

If you are looking to travel a bit further, such as across the country, then there are some excellent cost effective options if you don’t have a car:

• Train - www.nationalrail.co.uk -or- www.thetrainline.com
• Bus - www.nationalexpress.com
• Taxiwww.minicabit.com

Traveling to Europe – Cheap & Easy Travel Options

The beauty of being in the UK is that it is in close proximity to all the neighbouring European countries. Traveling across to Europe has never been easier and there are some fantastic places to see without having to spend a fortune or travel for days. In fact, its quite possible to fly somewhere like Barcelona for lunch and be back in the UK by dinner time!

You can make your way across the channel to Europe in a number of ways, which include getting the Ferry, taking the Eurostar Train or using one of many low cost airlines. Flights to numerous destinations can often be as little as £20 with short flight times of around 1.5 hours.

For cheap flights to Europe visit our Flights page that compares over 1040 airlines, 200 agencies and 5 booking systems.

• Eurostar Train - www.eurostar.com
• Ferries - www.directferries.co.uk
• Flights - www.kiwi.com
• Car Hire

Both the Eurostar train and the ferry's are able to accomodate passengers and vehicles on selected routes.

Top Sporting Events

From Silverstone and Twickenham to Lords and Wembley, there are many historic and spectacular sporting destinations throughout the country. If you are also into your football then the UK is definitely the write place to visit. There is no shortage of football games taking place at various  across the country, with the some of the biggest teams located in the midlands and London.

Here are a list of some events throughout the year not to be missed:

• Twickenham - www.englandrugby.com/twickenham
• Lordswww.lords.org
• Wimbledon - www.wimbledon.com
• Silverstonewww.silverstone.co.uk
• Queen Elizabeth Olympic Parkwww.queenelizabetholympicpark.co.uk
• London Marathonwww.virginmoneylondonmarathon.com/en-gb
• Wembley Stadiumwww.wembleystadium.com
• Manchester United FCwww.manutd.com
• Chelsea FCwww.chelseafc.com
• Liverpool FCwww.liverpoolfc.com

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