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Travel Planning

Before you can even begin to think about booking a flight to the UK, it would be wise to do some homework and travel planning first. This will help prevent any unnecessary problems you may face at a later stage. As with most things in life, the more prepared you are the more successful your trip will be.

So that your overseas experience meets all your expectations, start preparing a list of all the things you need to do, with the first item being the most important.

We've put together a little list of things we consider are worth thinking about from the start.

1 - Discuss Job Opportunities

Now that you've decided to come and explore the northern hemisphere for your overseas experience you'll probably need a job. However, finding work in the UK whilst on the other side of the world isn't probably going to be easy. Thats where FarmWork UK comes in. We aim to place you in a UK farm position before you have even stepped on the plane, offering you confidence that you wont be left high and dry looking for work when you arrive.

Finding a work position in UK farming puts you into some of the most beautiful countryside and rural settlements in the world, offering an abundance of historical places and sites worth visiting.

There are many areas of farming across the UK which offer great access to the rest of the country and Europe. For example, in the Midlands there are hundreds of farm locations, all within close proximity to cities such as Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and London. This is also a fantastic area of the country to explore where you can find some of the UK's most beautiful national parks, such as The Peak District, Snowdonia and The Cotswolds.

Contact Us today to discuss your requirements or click the enquiry button below.

2 - Check, Plan & Applying For Your UK Visa

If you are looking to come to the UK for more than 6 months and want to work then you will need a UK visa in order to do this. There are a number of visa options available depending on your personal circumstances.

Before you organise or book anything, you need to know if you are eligible for a UK Visa. We have covered much of this information under the UK Visas page of the site.

We do not advise that you book any flights or agree any working contracts until you have received your visa and passport. Working visa applications can take between 5 and 12 weeks and will require you to send away your passport.

3 - Get Your Documents In Order

Documents are as important as the idea! Without a passport you will find it very difficult to go anywhere accept within your own country. If you don't have a passport then you can apply for one at your countries passport office. New Zealanders can apply for one at the New Zealand Passport Office: www.passports.govt.nz (External link) which normally takes around 2 - 3 weeks. If you already have a passport then you may want to check the expiry date as you don't want to arrive at the check-in only to find out its expired!

If you are planning on hiring a car then you will need to provide a valid driving license from your home country. This is also a valuable second form of identification that can help with things like opening a bank account.

4 - Budgeting & Finance

Budgeting is an important aspect of managing both personal and business finance. It's important to know how expensive a place is likely to be when living there. Rents, travel and day to day living expenses can vary hugely depending on location. For example, London would be considered an expensive place to live, whereas the cost of living in the Midlands and the North are considerably less expensive.

If you are considering farm work in the UK then it's likely that accomodation is provided, helping you save money for the rest of you trip.

The UK offers some very affordable prices on flights to Europe from numerous airports around the country, with Gatwick and Heathrow airports near London being the two biggest.

5 - A Rough Itinerary

It's a good idea to have a general idea of where you want to visit before setting off on your travels. This will help in the overall planning and budgeting of your trip. You don't need to have a day by day detailed itinerary, just a rough idea of the places you want to see.

The UK offers a gateway to the one of the most fantastic places in the world, with the most beautiful scenery, incredible history and most amazing culture that you could ever imaging....Europe. In fact, Europe has over 23 officially recognised languages, with a further 60 or more indigenous regional and minority languages.

If you are looking to travel to Europe from either the UK or the other side of the world, take a look at our 'Travel Europe' page where you can search hundreds of airlines and booking agencies for the best flight deals available.

6 - Book Your Airfare

Once your UK visa has been accepted and you've received your passport then your pretty much ready to go. If you haven't already, why not make contact with us so that we can start looking for a farm work position for you before you arrive. Once you have a job secured then all thats left is booking your flights.

Booking your flights can be a bit of a mine field with regards to knowing where to find the best deals. Thats why we provide a flight search tool on our site so we can help you find the cheapest and best deals available.

We search over 1040 airlines, 200 agencies and 5 booking systems. Visit our Flights page, enter your location, destination, dates of travel and search for the best prices. You can also select a 'One Way' journey if you are unsure of you return dates, however you may want to check any visa restrictions on return tickets before you do this.

7 - Travel Insurance

Everyone will recommend that you get some form of travel insurance, and we recommend the same. There are several kinds of insurance from trip & flight cancelation to medical insurance.

Many airlines will offer travel insurance when booking flights, however it's worth checking the fine print and comparing it with a few other insurance policies before making the purchase. When booking flights through our site you will have an option to choose to add on travel insurance as part of the booking process.

We believe that the most important insurance for anyone to have is the medical insurance for obvious reasons. One of our team recently had an accident abroad and had to have emergency medical attention. Had they not had medical insurance they would have been out of pocket almost $100,000, luckily their insurance covered it all!

It's important to check your insurance covers you abroad and in the specific countries that you will be visiting. Also check that your insurance covers you for the entire duration of your trip. Some policies have limits on length of cover along with restrictions on countries that you are covered in.

Visit our Travel Insurance page for an instant comprehensive travel insurance quote.

8 - Last Minute Logistics

A couple of weeks before you are due to leave is a good time to start thinking about some practical arrangements before leaving your life back home. Things like bank accounts, phones, ongoing bills and subscriptions and who will check your home whilst you are away.

One of the most important things to do is to inform your bank and credit card companies that you are traveling overseas. It's not uncommon for banks to put a hold on your bank cards when overseas transactions suddenly appear without the the bank being notified of your travel.

You may also want to check that your mobile phone plan allows you to travel and make calls. This is called international roaming, with many phone companies offering monthly add-ons for this service. Whilst you may want to leave your phone at home, it's always a good idea to have one with you in case of emergencies.

9 - Packing

Packing is one of those things that so many people leave to the last minute, rushing around to buy that last minute item that they suddenly realise they desperately need. Leaving packing until the last minute dramatically increases the chance of forgetting something essential, so we recommend you start a least a week before you leave.

It's worth checking the weather at your destination to make sure your packing for the right season! We have known people actually pack for the wrong season, resulting in them having to go out and buy a whole set of clothes upon arrival!

For some more detailed information about packing check our 'Travel Checklist' page

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