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Travel Insurance

World Nomads

FarmWork UK has partnered with WorldNomads.com to make is simple for you to organise your comprehensive travel insurance. Insurance can be purchased and claimed online even after you have left home.

Insurance is available for independent and adventurous travellers from over 140 countries and includes coverage for overseas medical expenses, cancellations, baggage and other expenses along with over 150 adventure activities.

Accidents or losses can happen when we least expect it and can be costly when it happens abroad. Wether its a missed flight, a cancelled tour or an illness or accident whilst working, the only way to protect yourself is to have insurance before you leave.

Why you should never travel without insurance!

This is the question you should be asking yourself: 'Is it worth NOT having travel insurance?' The problem is that no one knows when they will need to use their insurance, and in most cases you probably wont hopefully need to.

Not having insurance is like gambling, you have to be prepared to loose when something goes wrong. At FarmWork UK we believe that whatever the circumstances may be, it's good to know that you will be insured for the unforeseen.

Healthcare costs can be extremely expensive when overseas and end up costing 1000's for the smallest of incidents. Lets be honest, you would rather come home with happy memories and a few stories, as opposed to some hefty bills and expensive debts!

If you decide to travel about and do some sightseeing and activities then our travel insurance partner World Nomads offers it all.

• 150+ Activities Covered
• 24/7 Emergency Assistance
• Trip Cancellation
• Emergency Medical Expenses
• Emergency Medical Transportation
• Protect Your Gear
• Buy Cover While Traveling

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