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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to some commonly asked questions below. Feel free to contact us directly anytime if you need further help or answers.

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There is no cost to the Jobseeker looking to come over to the UK and work. Traveler's are able to use our services free of charge and with no obligation. Farm owners will be charged a fee if FarmWork UK places a candidate into work on their farm. For all Farm Owner and Jobseeker enquiries please contact us HERE

Whether you are a Farmer or a Traveler/Jobseeker, we recommend making contact with FarmWork UK as soon as possible. Anywhere between three to six months notice is ideal.

If you have been placed in work using FarmWork UK then our team will meet you at the airport and ensure you arrive safely at your work location. Just send us your flight details and thats it!

This however is not all we do, visit our 'How It Works' page to find out more.

FarmWork Uare based in both New Zealand and the UK, so there is always a local contact. Our team are also KIWI's, (we'll ones Australian!) and have traveled on many overseas experiences before, so we know what its all about. Using FarmWork UK means you are in trusted safe hands, allowing you to enjoy organising your experience without worrying.

If you have found work using FarmWork UK it's very likely that you will have all your accomodation provided. You will know exactly where you stand and what is provided before making any decisions.

Absolutely, we recommend that you do try and travel with someone else. FarmWork UK will look to place you and your friends at the same location where possible.

Its important that everyone looking to travel to the UK for work contacts us directly so that we can fully understand their personal circumstances and requirements. Enquire Here

Of course, like any job you are entitled to have at least one, if not two days off a week. This obviously varies depending on the specific job requirements which you will be fully informed of before any job applications are submitted.

Working Holidays & Overseas Experiences In The UK For New Zealand Farm Workers

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