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About Us

The team within any organisation is the most important thing about a company, thats why FarmWork UK is focused on ensuring everyone involved puts the interest of its clients and workers first.

Our aim is not only to find young workers overseas placements or to find a farm owners reliable workers, its to ensure that every worker is looked after with ongoing support and that the farmers receive staff they need on a regular and reliable basis. Once a placement has been made the team at FarmWork UK are fully contactable at any time to help resolve any issues and to offer support and advice at any time.

What We Can Do For You

Jobseeker / Traveler

• UK visa assistance – youth mobility scheme or ancestry.
• General advice and budgeting.
• Competitive travel insurance quotes.
• UK sim card – know your number before leaving home.
• We will meet you upon your arrival at the airport.
• Emergency contact call back service if something goes wrong.
• Bank account set up assistance.
• Cost effective best rate international money transfers.
• Flight search offering the best available deals.

FarmWork UK’s main focus is helping hardworking young people looking to come to the UK for their oversea work experience. As the name suggest, we primarily deal with farm work positions in the UK.

We help find candidates farm work whilst offering additional help and support with visa applications, travel arrangements and moving to the UK. Our website provides some helpful tips and information along with some valuable search tools to ensure you can find the best deals on things like flights, travel insurance and money transfers.

Once you are in the UK we will provide ongoing support and advice so we are never further than a phone call away.

Employer / Farmer

With an ongoing shortage of farm workers in the UK, FarmWork UK aims to find reliable overseas workers from New Zealand and Australia, placing them into suitable farm jobs within the UK for at least 6 – 12 months.

The longer the farm worker placement lasts the more advantages it potentially brings, such as reduced ongoing training requirements and a more effective work output. In many cases our candidates already have experience in farming so can offer value to the farmers business immediately.

FarmWork UK will work closely with farmers to help find hardworking and reliable staff for their business. When candidates leave we will look to place another candidate in their position as soon as possible.

Working Holidays & Overseas Experiences In The UK For New Zealand Farm Workers

Supplying the UK Farm Industry with efficient and reliable farm workers all year round